Drafting and Enforcement of Contracts for California Businesses

Orange County Business Lawyer, Debra Grimaila, is here to serve your legal needs. 

When a legal problem arises involving a business dispute, shareholder problem, or uncollected debt, Debra Grimaila, Esq. can help! If an opportunity arises to acquire another business, you need to form a corporation, or have a contract written, attorney Grimaila will identify your risks and protect your rights. She understands the complexities of business, and has the expertise needed to resolve legal issues. Ms. Grimaila has been a business and real estate attorney for over thirty-seven years, and has also been licensed in California as a real estate broker for over thirty-four years. This unique background gives her special insight to the many problems encountered by our clients, many of which can be prevented in advance with a well written contract. However, when it becomes necessary, Ms. Grimaila will enforce your contract for you in Court. She has successfully collected millions of dollars in judgments and settlements for her clients. She can do this for you too!

Call and speak directly with attorney Debra Grimaila now at (844) 921-1937. When you call Orange County Business Lawyer, P.C. , Ms. Grimaila will discuss your legal issues and help you evaluate what course of action to take. Our goal is to provide cost effective legal solutions for all of your business and real estate legal needs. 

With decades of experience in business and a real estate law, both in transactions and in litigation, Debra Grimaila, Esq. specializes in drafting and enforcing agreements that protect her clients and their business profits. She can assist you in writing or enforcing a wide variety of contracts, such as: 

  • Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Promissory Notes
  • Secured Transactions
  • Equipment Leases
  • Real Estate Purchase Agreements
  • Commercial Real Estate Lease Agreements
  • Lease Options

At Orange County Business Lawyer, P.C., we know contracts are the engines of the business world, determining financial outcomes and opportunities. It is critical that your business is protected by well written agreements with its customers, suppliers, shareholders, and vendors.


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